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July 6- Living Room Sessions Open Mic

Calling all writers, rappers, musicians, orators, dancers, and artists of all kinds! Join us for the monthly Word Up Open Mic—first Fridays of the month. A collaboration between Wash Heights Music Fest and WHAM. All ages and persuasions can gather to share, learn, and experience together.

¡Se hace un llamado a todos los escritores, raperos, musicos, oradores, bailarines y artistas de todo tipo! Unanse a nuestro Microfono abierto Word Up —cada primer viernes de mes. Esta es una colaboracion entre Washington Heights Music Fest y WHAMc. Individuos de todas edades y persuasiones pueden juntarse a compartir, aprender y vivir una experiencia en grupo.

Living Room Sessions Open Mic                                                                                      Friday, July 6, 2018                                                                                                           5:30–8:30pm                                                                                                                   Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria                                         2113 Amsterdam Avenue                                                                                               New York NY 10032


January 21 – Poetry Reading: Denize Lauture: A Kiss to the Land

Poetry Reading: Denize Lauture: A Kiss to the Land

Invoking the dreams of his Haitian ancestors, who now haunt his memories, Denizé Lauture’s poetry is imbued with a sense of never forgetting, reminding us all that the story of enduring must continue to be written, spoken, and dreamt. Writing and performing in Creole, French, and English, it’s impossible to turn away from Lauture’s moving and delightful poetry, which reverberates with all that he has experienced. At once a meaningful protest through the medium of words and sounds as well as a celebration of bearing witness, Lauture’s poetry retains an indefatigable spirit. There is something in Lauture’s work that emanates a quiet insurgency. It may come from his country’s history. Haiti defeated not one but three European powers—Britain, France, and Spain—on its way to securing independence after a successful slaves revolt. Lauture’s life’s work ensures that history doesn’t evaporate into the mist sprayed by those who want to tell a different story, one made unreal by spectacle and corrupted by the complicity of silence. We should read, see, and listen to Lauture who knows it’s the poet that shows us that it’s not about if we can but that we must —and will—prevail.

Denizé Lauture lives in the Bronx and teaches at Saint-Thomas Aquinas College across the Hudson River in Sparkill. Born the son of humble peasants, he left Haiti in 1968. Lauture was then a machinist and welder, and had not graduated from high school. He worked as a welder in Harlem and attended evening classes at The City College of New York. Lauture received a B.A. in Sociology in 1977, a M.S. in Bilingual Education at CCNY, and a M.A. in Spanish Literature at Lehman College; he did additional graduate studies at Fordham University and at the Graduate Center. Lauture writes in Haitian Creole, English, and French. He has published ten books including poetry and stories for children.

Poetry Reading: Denize Lauture: A Kiss to the Land                                  Sunday, January 21, 2018                                                                                          3–4:30pm
Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria
2113 Amsterdam Avenue
New York NY 10032                                            


December 16 – Words and Music Series: Session 4-from the Opposite Ends of Pisces

Words and Music Series—Session 4: Sheila Maldonado & Janice A. Lowe

The next installment of our Words and Music Series pairs author/multimedia artist Sheila Maldonado and composer/musician Janice A. Lowe. Janice and Sheila met as teaching artists for Teachers & Writers Collaborative and spent time together at a residency at Kykuit, the Rockefeller estate in Westchester. They found they were quite copacetic, as they were actually cuspy Pisces on opposite ends, Sheila, Pisces/Aquarius cusp, and Janice, Pisces/Aries cusp. Here, they meet to blend word and sound intuitively as Pisces will do. They will experiment and play, remix poems together, draw sound out of the page and the spaces between words. The resulting collaboration will be performed by Sheila, Janice, and Janice’s band, Namaroon.

Poetry by Sheila Maldonado                                                                         Original Music by Janice Lowe

Namaroon is:                                                                                                           Keyboard & Voice, Janice Lowe                                                                                          Guitar, Gregory Kage                                                                                                              Bass, Yohann Potico                                                                                               Percussion, Shawn Banks

Sheila Maldonado is the author of the poetry collection one-bedroom solo (Fly by Night Press, 2011). Her 2nd publication, that’s what you get, is forthcoming from Brooklyn Arts Press. Her poems have appeared in Gulf CoastPing Pong, and The Wandering Song: Central American Writing in the United States. She is a CantoMundo Fellow and a Creative Capital awardee as part of desveladas, a visual writing collective. She has served as an artist-in-residence on Governors Island for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. She teaches creative writing for The City University of New York.

Janice A. Lowe writes and composes music-text hybrids. She is the author of Leaving CLE poems of nomadic dispersal and composer of the musical LIL BUDDA, text by Stephanie L. Jones. Her poems have appeared in CallalooBest American Experimental Writing, (Pre)Conceivable Bridges and Solidarity Texts: Radiant Re-Sisters. As a pianist/vocalist, Janice has recorded with the experimental bands w/o a net, HAGL, and Digital Diaspora, and she performs with her band, NAMAROON. She is a co-founder of the Dark Room Collective.

This is the fourth installment of the Words and Music series, which presents new collaborations between wordsmiths and musicians at Word Up Community Bookshop.

Words and Music is made possible in part with public funds from Creative Engagement, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

On the Cusp: Words and Music from the Opposite Ends of Pisces
Saturday, December 16, 2017
Followed by Word Up’s annual end-of-year party!
Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria


27 de Agosto – Tarde de Poesía

Con los poetas

Ana Cecilia Blum (Ecuador)

Dinapiera Di Donato (Venezuela)

Miguel Falquez-Certain (Colombia)

Manuel Adrián López (Cuba)

Ely Rosa Zamora (Venezuela)

Ana Cecilia Blum. (Ecuador, 1972). Poeta y ensayista. Sobreviviente de poliomielitis. Estudió Letras Hispánicas en Estados Unidos y Ciencias Políticas en Ecuador. Autora de los poemarios: Descanso sobre mi sombra, 1995; Donde duerme el sueño, 2005; La que se fue, 2008; La voz habitada (Co-autora), 2008; Libre de espanto, 2012; Todos los éxodos (Antología Personal), 2012; Poetas de la Mitad del Mundo, Antología de Poesía escrita por Mujeres Ecuatorianas (Co-Antóloga), 2013; Áncoras, 2015 y Rituales (Co-autora), 2016. Ha sido invitada a leer su poesía en la Biblioteca del Congreso de los Estados Unidos, dentro del marco del encuentro literario La Pluma y la Palabra en Washington D.C.; ha participado en varios festivales literarios en América y Europa, entre ellos el Encuentro de Poetas Iberoamericanos en Salamanca, la Feria Internacional del Libro de Miami, el Encuentro de Poesía Pararelo Cero y el Festival de la Lira en Cuenca. Actualmente ejerce la enseñanza del Idioma Español como Lengua Extranjera; dirige la gaceta literaria Metaforología; coordina el Fondo Poético para las Américas (un pequeño fondo privado establecido para difundir digitalmente las letras hispanas); realiza investigación literaria en el campo de la poesía ecuatoriana escrita por mujeres; y colabora con varias revistas culturales.

Dinapiera Di Donato, nacida en Upata, Venezuela. Reside en New York donde ha enseñado español y francés y cursó estudios doctorales en CUNY. Obtuvo una licenciatura, maestría y DEA en literatura hispanoamericana en París (Francia). En Venezuela enseñó literatura, escritura creativa y fue co-fundadora del Grupo de Estudios de Culturas y Literaturas Caribeñas de la Universidad de Oriente. Autora de Relatos (New York, Kindle Edition, 2016: ASIN: B01B806CQ6), Noche con nieve y amantes (Caracas, Fundarte, 1991. Premio de Narrativa de la X Bienal Internacional “José Antonio Ramos Sucre” de 1990), La sonrisa de Bernardo Atxaga (Upata, Predios, 1995. Premio de Narrativa “Alfredo Armas Alfonso” de 1994), Desventuras. Libro de Rachid avenida Paul Doumer (Cumaná, FEES, 1996. Premio de Poesía Bienal “Tomás Alfaro Calatrava” de 1996), La Sorda (Maturín, 2011), Colaterales/Collateral (USA, Akashic, 2013. Paz Poetry Prize del 2012), Contar Aristeguieta (USA, Sudaquia, 2013, edición experimental de textos que recibieron una Beca del The Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance NoMAA).

Miguel Falquez-Certain. Nació en Barranquilla (Colombia) y reside en Nueva York desde hace cuatro decenios donde se desempeña como traductor en cinco idiomas. Su obra poética, dramática y narrativa ha sido distinguida con numerosos galardones. Licenciado en literaturas hispánica y francesa por Hunter College en 1980. Cursó estudios de doctorado en literatura comparada en New York University (1981-1985). Es autor de Reflejos de una máscara, Habitación en la palabra, Proemas en cámara ardiente, Doble corona, Usurpaciones y deicidios y Palimpsestos (poemarios); de una noveleta y de seis obras de teatro, así como de cuentos, ensayos y relatos. Book Press–New York publicó Triacas (compilación de su narrativa breve) y Mañanayer (compilación de su poesía) en 2010. Mañanayer obtuvo la única mención honorífica en The 2011 International Latino Book Awards como mejor poemario en español.

Manuel Adrián López nació en Morón, Cuba (1969). Poeta y narrador. Su obra ha sido publicada en varias revistas literarias de España, Estados Unidos y Latinoamérica. Tiene publicado los libros: Yo, el arquero aquel (Poesía. Editorial Velámenes, 2011), Room at the Top (Cuentos en inglés. Eriginal Books, 2013), Los poetas nunca pecan demasiado (Poesía. Editorial Betania, 2013. Medalla de Oro en los Florida Book Awards 2013), El barro se subleva (Cuentos. Ediciones Baquiana, 2014), Temporada para suicidios (Cuentos. Eriginal Books, 2015), Muestrario de un vidente (Poesía. Proyecto Editorial La Chifurnia, 2016), Fragmentos de un deceso/El revés en el espejo, libro en conjunto con el poeta ecuatoriano David Sánchez Santillán para la colección Dos Alas (El Ángel Editor, 2017), El arte de perder/The Art of Losing (Poesía Bilingüe, Eriginal Books, 2017) y El hombre incompleto (Poesía, Dos Orillas, 2017).

Su poesía aparece en las antologías: La luna en verso (Ediciones El Torno Gráfico, 2013), Todo Parecía. Poesía cubana contemporánea de temas Gay y lésbicos (Ediciones La Mirada, 2015), Voces de América Latina Volumen II (Media Isla Ediciones, 2016) y NO RESIGNACIÓN. Poetas del mundo por la no violencia contra la mujer (Ayuntamiento de Salamanca, 2016)

Ely Rosa Zamora (Venezuela) Tiene una maestría en Escritura Creativa por la Universidad de Nueva York (NYU). Ha publicado: La nitidez del embudo,  Newmark Press, New York City, 2015, Unspecific Object/ Objeto Indefinido, en colaboración con la artista Barbara Madsen, Choir Alley Press, New Jersey, 2015, Sin lengua y otras imposibilidades dramáticas, Editorial La Caída, Buenos Aires, 2013, Sin lengua/No Tongue, Heptameron Books, New York City, 2011, y Detrito olvidado/ Forgotten Detritus, Choir Alley Press, New Jersey, 2009. Su poesía ha sido incluida en la antología “Voces para Lilith” Literatura contemporánea de temática lésbica en Sudamérica, Estruendomudo, Lima, 2011, y en la Antología del “Americas Poetry Festival” de Nueva York, Artepoética Press, New York City, 2014.

Su trabajo ha sido presentado en diferentes festivales internacionales en Inglaterra, Italia, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, Perú, El Salvador, Puerto Rico y los Estados Unidos.

Actualmente dirige Voces de la ciudad, un espacio de encuentro e inclusión para escritores latinoamericanos en la ciudad de Nueva York y es profesora de español en Rutgers University y Middlesex County College, NJ, EE.UU.

Tarde de Poesía
Domingo,27 de agosto, 2017
Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria
2113 Avenida Amsterdam. (en la calle 165 St.)
Neuva York NY 10032

July 14 – Reading: Spanish Coffee Black, No Sugar

In 2015, A.B. Lugo, award winning actor and playwright, suffered through the deaths of his parents only months apart. To cope with his grief, he dedicated himself to writing a poem for each week of 2016. Little did he know he would be chronicling an historic year, one of social strife and tragedy that would culminate in the election of a man whose movement brings new awareness and fear to A.B. as an Afro-Puerto Rican. Spanish Coffee: Black, No Sugar, much like its title, is a bitter experience, as life can be, but also one that gives us the energy and power to make it through each day. More worn, for sure, but also stronger, and hopefully, wiser. A collection of poems influenced by history and inspired by the depths of the soul, Spanish Coffee: Black, No Sugar is as unforgettable as the year it chronicles.”

A.B. Lugo is a writer and performer. Some of his poetry can be found in the anthology Me No Habla With Acento (Rebel Satori Press). This is his first published collection of poetry.

Reading: Spanish Coffee Black, No Sugar
Friday, July 14, 2017
Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria
2113 Amsterdam Avenue. (at 165 St.)
New York NY 10032