Organice un evento

¡Le agradecemos su interés en organizar un evento en Word Up! Nuestra librería sigue existiendo gracias a la ayuda de la comunidad de Washington Heights, y nos encantaría ofrecer un espacio para su evento.

Favor de rellenar el formulario de abajo. No dejen de tomar en cuenta que somos una colectividad de voluntarios, y que nuestra operación exige la labor (no pagada) de muchos individuos. Le rogamos que nos dé por lo menos un mes de anticipación para ayudar con la coordinación y promoción de su evento. Por lo tanto, le rogamos que no entregue un formulario si la fecha que usted propone nos deja menos de un mes de anticipación.

Debería recibir una respuesta dentro de un par de días. Por favor tenga paciencia.


What types of events does Word Up host?
As a multi-language, general-use bookshop in Washington Heights, we focus on events that foster literary and artistic engagement with the community. All events are open to the public.

What equipment do you have?
1 Mic
1 Amp
1 Speaker
1 Projector (InFocus DLP with VGA, S-video, USB, and DVI inputs)
Movie screen
DVD player (it can get cranky, though)

Can I charge for events?
We very rarely charge for events, because we do not want to close the store off to shoppers and community members who are not there for the event. If you must ask for a cover charge, the “Suggested Donations” or “Pay-What-You-Can” models are ideal. All donations must be split with Word Up, as we are a volunteer-operated space that survives largely on donations.

Can I have an event outside store hours?
This can be discussed as an option; please email If you are a school or non-arts community group and would like to use the shop during daytime hours, please contact

Can I have food and drinks at my event?
Yes, you may provide food for your event, but we ask that it be available only by donation, or free, rather than as a required charge.

Can I have beer/wine/alcohol at my event?
We do not have a liquor license at this time.

What kind of promotion does Word Up Books provide?
Word Up sends out a weekly electronic newsletter listing the upcoming week’s events. Otherwise, you are responsible for the majority of promotion for your event. Event organizers are encouraged to create flyers and drop them off at Word Up, and to post to our Facebook page (

Does Word Up have seating for events?
Yes, we have seating that can accommodate 35 people. Please email to discuss maximum seating allowed.

Can I decorate, rearrange or otherwise alter the space for my event?
This depends on what you want to do for your event . . . all plans for any of the above need to be discussed with a Word Up event organizer before your event.

Does Word Up have a restroom open to the public?
Yes, we have one restroom and it is wheelchair accessible.

How do I sell my books, CDs, etc. at Word Up during or after my event?
We sell all products on consignment. If you would like to have your stuff stocked at the shop leading up to the event, please email to make arrangements. If you plan to bring in your products on the day of the event, you can just fill out a consignment form at the store. We can continue selling your stuff after the event is over, if you wish.

What do I have to do to maintain the space and clean up?
Your event should not interfere with the normal operations of the store. When you are leaving, please return everything to its usual place and clean up any spills. Make sure to take any food or trash away with you. Leave the space in as good condition as you found it.

May I host an event that includes explicit content?
All ages and types of people use this space. At the same time, we want to welcome all kinds of art. If your event contains explicit content, please make an announcement at the start of the event, so that audience members can use their discretion about it. Hate speech of any kind is not welcome.

If you have any additional questions about hosting an event at Word Up, please email

Or, if you think you’re ready to submit your event, click here!


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