Organize An Event

Thank you for your interest in holding an event at Word Up Books! Our shop exists by and for the community of Washington Heights, and we would love to provide a space for you to bring what you have to offer the community. When you fill out our form below, it will help us to understand how you wish to use our community space. We will do what we can to accommodate your requests.

Please bear in mind that we are all volunteers and that it takes a lot of work from a lot of different (unpaid) people to keep this operation running. We ask that you give us at least two months to help organize and promote your event.

If you have not organized an event at Word Up before, we request that you read our Frequently Asked Questions below. If on the other hand, you’re a Word Up Events-Organizing Veteran, then please feel free to skip ahead to the events form.


What types of events does Word Up host?
As a multi-language, general-use bookshop in Washington Heights, we focus on events that foster literary and artistic engagement with the community. All events are open to the public.

What equipment do you have?
1 Mic
1 Amp
1 Speaker
1 Projector (InFocus DLP with VGA, S-video, USB, and DVI inputs)
Projection screen
DVD player

May I charge for events?
We very rarely charge for events, because we do not want to close the store off to shoppers and community members who are not there for the event. If you wish to ask for a cover charge, the “Suggested Donation” or “Pay-What-You-Can” models are ideal. All donations should be split with Word Up, typically 60/40. Please bear in mind that we are a 100% volunteer-operated space that survives largely on donations.

May I sell my books or other merchandise?
Of course! We are happy to sell your books before, during, and after your event on a consignment basis (email to make arrangements). Please also be prepared to deliver a review copy of your book to the store. We ask that sales of books and other merchandise (including CDs and other media, t-shirts, stickers, etc) be split with Word Up 60/40. Please bear in mind that we are a 100% volunteer-operated space that survives largely on donations.

May I rent the space or hold an event during your closed hours?
Depends! Please note our open/closed hours and be aware that we typically charge a rental fee. If you are still interested in renting our space, please fill out the form and check the Omake a note of this when you fill out the form.   and we can discuss possibilities. If you are a school or non-arts community group and would like to use the shop during daytime hours, please contact

What kind of promotion does Word Up Books provide?
The only promotion that we can promise, given our current volunteer capacity, is to create a facebook page for your event and to include your event in our weekly email newsletter. Otherwise, you are responsible for promoting your event and are encouraged to invite your contacts via facebook, to create and drop off flyers at Word Up, to post to our Facebook page, to make a press release, etc.

May I have food and drinks at my event?
Yes, you may provide food for your event, but we ask that it be available only by donation, or free, rather than as a required charge.

May I have beer/wine/alcohol at my event?
We do not have a liquor license at this time.

Does Word Up have tables and chairs for events?
Yes, we have seating that can accommodate 35 people. The space itself does not allow for more than this, so please don’t offer to rent and bring in more chairs. This is a safety issue, which unfortunately we can’t be flexible on. We also have several tables of different sizes and shapes, which may be used as seating for workshops or for displaying merchandise.

May I hang art, photos, posters, etc. on the walls?
We have a monthly gallery rotation in our performance space. If you are an artist or photographer interested in hanging a gallery exhibition, then we will be happy to review your work and discuss possibilities. Otherwise, we ask that event organizers respect the art that they find on the walls and do not hang anything else which may disturb or distract from the gallery or sales floor.

May I light candles (or otherwise use fire)?
Sorry, but no. We don’t feel the need to test out our sprinkler system and potentially destroy all of our stock merchandise.

May I rearrange or otherwise alter the space for my event?
It really depends. Make a note of what you have in mind when you fill out the events form and we’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Does Word Up have a restroom open to the public?
Yes, we have one restroom and it is wheelchair accessible.

What do I have to do to maintain the space and clean up?
Your event should not interfere with the normal operations of the store. When you are leaving, please return everything to its usual place and clean up any spills. Make sure to take any food or trash away with you. Leave the space in as good condition as you found it.

May I host an event that includes explicit content?
All ages and types of people use this space. At the same time, we want to welcome all kinds of art. If your event contains explicit content, please make an announcement at the start of the event, so that audience members can use their discretion about it. Hate speech of any kind is not welcome.

Did you read and understand all the FAQs? If not, click here to go back to the top. If you have any additional questions about hosting an event at Word Up, please include them in your form entry below.

After filling out the form, you should receive a response in a few days. We appreciate your patience.

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