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November 25- We the News Story Circle

Join We the News’s story circle and share your stories of migration, rituals, tradition, and race as an immigrant living in New York City. The stories shared will be documented and transcribed into zines in a traveling newsstand. Each participant will have a set time to share and listen as we co-create our own narratives.

Food and drinks will be provided. Interpretation can be available with advance notice; please email to request interpretation.

RSVP on Eventbrite:

We the News is a newsstand that publishes and distributes immigrant-focused publications and products. It features zines that archive stories and conversations shared by Black immigrants and first-generation Black Americans during a series of story circles in Brooklyn, New York. The project is a collaboration with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) with the support of The Laundromat Project.

 We the News Story Circle                                                                                         Sunday, November 25, 2018                                                                                 2:30- 4:30 pm                                                                                                                  Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria                             2113 Amsterdam Ave. @ 165th St.                                                                  New York NY 10032


November 17- Business of Art

Through this professional development workshop, artists of all genres and of all stages in their careers will learn important insights about the evolving business of art. In order to bring their art businesses to new levels, artists must develop new skills and knowledge or perfect them. If you’re not constantly learning and growing, then you’ll always be stuck in the same place. Learning new techniques or perfecting old ones is as important as understanding that the best professional practices are crucial if you want to make your living as an artist and be successful at it. You want to make educated decisions about your art practice.

During this professional development workshop, you can learn everything from developing your curriculum, maximizing the impact of your CV, Statement and Bio, the right strategies to base your artist’s career on and erasing some of the guesswork that comes from being an artist and entrepreneur, outlining various methods on building your brand and marketing strategies, knowing your worth : pricing for profit, time management, finance, tax tips and legal issues for creatives to protect their businesses and craft.
This workshop is especially geared towards helping artists gain the resources and connections they need to be successful self-employed artists.

For more information and tickets:

   Business of Art                                                                                                         Saturday, November 17, 2018                                                                                 1:30- 4:30 pm                                                                                                                  Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria                             2113 Amsterdam Ave. @ 165th St.                                                                  New York NY 10032

September 22-Pros[e] Poem as Memoir: Writing workshop facilitated by John Paul Infante

Register for John Paul Infante’s “Pros[e] Poem as Memoir” writing workshop, organized by Dominican Writers, here:

In writing about our lives, we find ourselves looking back at who we were as if we were telling the story of someone else. Through small group discussions, in-class writing prompts, and co-participant feedback, this workshop attempts to have participants use their own personal experiences as inspiration. We will briefly (barely) go over the rules of poetry, prose and memoir and shatter them completely in order to get at the truth about who we are now and who were then.

John Paul Infante is an award-winning writer and educator who has taught creative writing at Lehman College of the City University of New York and the humanities at the high school level in New York City. His poetry has been published in The Poetry Project, and fiction in Kweli Journal. His nonfiction won DTM magazine’s “Latino Identity in the US” essay contest. He lives in Washington Heights with his partner and daughter.

Pros[e] Poem as Memoir: Writing workshop facilitated by John Paul Infante                                                                                                                           Saturday, September 22, 2018                                                                             3–6pm                                                                                                                   Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria                               2113 Amsterdam Ave. @ 165th St.                                                                      New York NY 10032

June 3- Latinx in Publishing & Word Up Present: Fiction Workshop with Toni Kirkpatrick

A 3-hour fiction workshop geared toward Latinx students and writers who want to have their fiction closely critiqued by a former acquisitions editor at a major publishing house. Participants will receive feedback from the instructor on how to revise their pieces for publication as well as have their work critiqued by the participating writers. Creative work can be either short stories or beginnings of novels, restricted to 3, 500 word count max.

Ticketed event: $40, 8 slots available deadline to confirm is May 25, 2018. RSVP here:
Toni Kirkpatrick (Toni Margarita Plummer) is a Macondo Fellow, a winner of the Miguel Mármol Prize, and author of the story collection The Bolero of Andi Rowe. A contributor to the anthologiesWise Latinas: Writers on Higher Education and All about Skin: Short Fiction by Women of Color, she has published other short fiction in PALABRA, Kweli, Label Me Latina/o, Origins Online, andRiver River. For more than ten years, Toni worked as an acquisitions editor at St. Martin’s Press, where she enjoyed discovering Latinx writers. Now she is a freelance editor. Visit her websites at and

Latinx in Publishing & Word Up Present: Fiction Workshop with Toni Kirkpatrick
Sunday, June 3, 2018
Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria
2113 Amsterdam Ave. @ 165th St.
New York NY 10032

March 15: Participatory Workshop on Immigrant Rights: Dialogue in a Time of Crisis

Join us for a participatory workshop on immigrant rights by the authors of The Politics of Immigration, as well as an information session and update on the sanctuary at Holyrood Episcopal Church, where Amanda Morales Guerra and her children have been housed since August 2017.

We don’t want our family members, friends, and neighbors hauled away and deported. Many of us are actively working to defend community members from deportation, like Ravi Ragbir, leader of the NYC New Sanctuary Coalition, and Amanda Morales Guerra, who has been in sanctuary at Holyrood Episcopal Church in Washington Heights since August.

But do we really understand the system we are fighting against? Do we have the tools to respond effectively to tough questions from family members, co-workers, and others who don’t share our views? For example:

* Why do so many people come here “illegally”? Why don’t they just wait in line?
* If someone committed a crime in this country, why shouldn’t they be deported?
* Don’t unauthorized immigrants push down wages for everyone?
* Can we really afford to have so many immigrants here?
* Isn’t our current immigration system color-blind?
* What would an alternative system look like, and how do we get there?

Bring your questions and thoughts to this participatory workshop facilitated by Jane Guskin and David Wilson, authors of The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers (Monthly Review Press). Together we will strengthen our skills and deepen our understanding to engage more effectively in dialogue around immigration issues.

The sanctuary information session will be led by Renee Colwell, volunteer coordinator at Holyrood Episcopal Church, who will share with neighbors how they can help.

More information:

Participatory Workshop on Immigrant Rights: Dialogue in a Time of Crisis
Thursday, March 15, 2018
Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria
New York NY 10032