November 20 – Se nos subio la NEGRA


This is a three part workshop which requires undivided attention from the participants. In this workshop participants will learn to defend their blackness, denounce racism, learn the significance of Afrocentric wear such as “natural” hair styles and headwraps, and will be invited to take a journey to their original selves through introspection (writing). This is all a healing space/opportunity designed for women 18 and above.

Taller de turbantes- Lenis Mariana
Lenis will provide an explanation of the history of afrocentric wear and why it is important for our decolonization process as black women. She does this work in Puerto Rico.

Taller antirracista- Kimberly Figueroa
Kimmy will provide the importance of deconstructing racism and antiblackness

La tinta es negra como mi piel- Chachi Yanire (thats me)
I will provide a space for us to introspectively understand why black narratives matter as a part of the healing process of our entire nations. Most of this work is about “el ser original”

We are all affiliated with Colectivo Ile located in San Juan, Puerto Rico where we are trained and mentored to deconstruct a racist society and promote blackness as a part of Puerto Rico’s national structure to be honored and respected.

Se nos subio la NEGRA
Sunday, November 20, 2016
Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria
113 Amsterdam Ave. (at 165 St.)
New York, NY 10032

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