July 16 – Syllables Extended Poetry Reading


Join us for a poetry event with Abdul Fattah Ismail, Cesilie Anandi, and D-Black!

Extended Syllables is the poetry debut of Abdul Fattah Ismail. An advertising and marketing veteran, he has been writing creatively for twenty years. His book is a wide set of deconstructed popular text, from music history to chemistry, the Cold War and food politics. The results are dazzling and urbane, yet familiar.

For more information, visit: http://www.extendedsyllables.com/
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1SpHIpM
Twitter: @bestparticiple

Cesilie Anandi is an emerging poet and writer in New York City as well as an educator, visual artist and activist. She is a loving daughter, granddaughter, older sister and a proud Latina of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. Born in Queens, and raised in Long Island, Cesilie Anandi began writing during her adolescence as a private conduit for expression. Writing poetry profoundly aided Cesilie in her mental, emotional and spiritual development. After high school, Cesilie Anandi lived in various neighborhoods in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan, picking up pieces of culture, experience, history and spirituality from each neighborhood. She currently calls Yonkers home. Cesilie Anandi studied Historical Studies, with a concentration in Latin American Studies and is currently working on her Master’s in Special Education and Adolescent Education. Cesilie Anandi began sharing her poetry publically in 2011. She has performed at various venues in New York City, Brooklyn, Long Island, Philadelphia, Detroit and Puerto Rico. Cesilie Anandi is a self-proclaimed eternal student. Her highest priorities are to spread peace, love and understanding through spiritual and mental development. Through art and education, Cesilie infuses herself with knowledge, spirituality, strength, and love, with a profound desire to spread it to others.

D-Black is a Bronx-native who has been writing and performing poetry for a number of years. Being a direct descendant of an African mother (Sierra Leone to be exact) and being born and raised in African-American surroundings has helped D-BLACK to look at his culture from “both sides of the fence”. With this background, as well as his love & experience for acting, D-BLACK has done his best to feed others with his verbal food for thought. By blending his social/psychological awareness with his urban/Afrocentric flavor he tries his best to express issues that promote Black awareness and unity.


Syllables Extended Poetry Reading
Saturday, July 16, 2016
Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria
113 Amsterdam Ave. (at 165 St.)
New York, NY 10032


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