We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday during our 5th birthday party!

11am–1pm: Story Time Family Breakfast—with saxophone!
2–6pm: Sidewalk Party with Readings/Spoken Word/Music/Art
6pm: The inDUCTion ceremony: We’ll officially celebrate the completion of the painting that Word Up’s resident painter Reynaldo García Pantaléon has been working on since the fall of 2013, incorporating the stories of Word Up and the neighborhood into a beautiful overhead ceiling duct.
7pm: Party! For a $10 cover charge, dine on food from more than a dozen local restaurants and dance into the night.

Readings/Spoken Word
Sandy Jimenez, Mariel Escalante, Kate Hogan, Skye Cabrera, Nancy La Lanne, Akiva Penalosa, Darlene Valenzuela, Yoseli Castillo Fuertes, Janis Astor del Valle, Becky Fullan, Rick Van Valkenburg, Regina Woiler, Markus Scott, Natalia Mercedes, Cristina (Topaz) Rodriguez, & Mia Estrella
DJ Delaceiba, Charlie Cruz, Gaga P’al Pueblo, Jason Rosario, Lethy Liriano, Lexiglass, MC Maniphes, Ruben Gonzalez, Tellie Floydd, Blair Jensen, & Emmanuel “DjBoy” Abreu
Washington Heights Arts and Comics, Young Artists Zine Alliance, Marthalicia Mattarita, Feegz (Carlos Martínez Dominguez), Reynaldo García Pantaleón
Food for the party generously donated by Pick and Eat, Toast Uptown, Chipotle, Coogan’s, Mario’s Hamburger and Pizza, Famiglia Pizza, La Parrilla, El Bacan, Galicia Restaurant, Boston Market, Heights Tavern, Patagonia Wines and Spirits, and Dyckman Beer Co.

Commit to the future of Word Up by becoming a member at www.wordup.nyc!


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