October 11 – November 11 – Good Pathways by Joyce Sanchez


A fundraising art exhibition of abstract artwork by native New York artist and writer Joyce Sanchez. Founder of Intercultural Cardboard Press, Lab for Social Practices to support their project Multilingual and Intercultural Literacy Progam for Spanish Speaking Children.

The exhibition Good Pathways explores the joyful and vivid journey that the world of colors can bring. The abstract collage paintings contain pieces of cardboard over the canvas as part of the symbolism of the artist’s cartonera work she does through Intercultural Cardboard Press/La Cartonera Intercultural a social art platform that she started off in Ecuador in 2010. As a connection as a writer, she will have poetry reading by Leonel Riera during the opening.

Joyce Sanchez was born in Queens, New York, but at the age of nine her parents moved to Ecuador. That shift made a huge impact in her life and her identity came strongly defined by something she learned later was called intercultural identity. Art has been since her early memories an enormous source of energy. But it wasn’t until she finished a two year course on Intercultural Pedagogy in Linkoping University, Sweden that she decided to combine art and identity issues and that it was important for her to reach out to her audience also through art and only her blogs. In 2004 she created her first blog Intercultural Bulletin/ Boletin Intercultural and six years later she founded Intercultural Cardboard Press which is a Social Art Lab which is an interdisciplinary art platform for community engaged art performances.


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