August 6 – Come Natural Presents Jumping Out Airplanes—An Evening for the Word . . .


Come Natural is a writing group where strong feelings are expressed through the agencies of fiction, poetry, prose, and the bizarre fantastic of dreams. The collective came together through witchcraft and sorcery one winter night in 2011. These good witches have been stirring the pot up with hot spells ever since.

They are bringing their wickedness to Word Up Community Bookshop on Thursday, August 6, 7–9pm. All are invited to come share, and witness this hysteria.


RACHEL GREER (Instigator) writes fiction for teens and adults. Her stories have appeared in the Brooklyn Rail and a couple small magazines out of Portland, Oregon. She’s a collector of rejections and is currently at work ona historical novel based on the life of the last woman hung at the gallows where Washington Square Park is now located. Rachel has a Master’s in Fiction from City College of New York, an MA in Archives and Public History from NYU, and she’s an Archivist at the New York City Municipal Archives.

RYANN JOAN LIEBENTHAL (Conspirator) works at Harper’s by day, where she trolls the internet for items to include in the magazine’s Readings section. She’s had some other journalistic projects as well and recently wrote an essay about her hometown—Boise, Idaho—for n+1. She’d generally like to be doing a lot more of all of that.

NIKKIESHA NICOLE MCLEOD (Assassinator) is a writer and musician. She began playing the steel pan at the age of twelve when she convinced her parents to let her join the neighborhood steel­band orchestra, Panasonic Connection. Presently, she plays the drum­kit in the band, Kenyon Phillips & The Ladies In Waiting. She was a co­founder for the grassroots feminist zine, OutLaw Sister Riff, which focused on issues affecting women and young girls, a recipient of Howard University’s John J. Wright Award for poetry, a finalist in the Hollin’s Poetry Festival, and a co­award recipient for the City College English Department Adrian Schwartz Award for Women’s Fiction. Nikkiesha’s work has appeared in the literary journal [sic], and on the online literary and artistic expression of queer and trans* people of color forum Black Girl Dangerous. Nikkiesha blogs at:

NYSHIE PERKINSON (Abnegator) is a writer and accidental TV news producer. She’s working on being reincarnated as Bill Murray.

Come Natural Presents Jumping Out Airplanes—An Evening for the Word . . .
Thursday, August 6, 2015
Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria
113 Amsterdam Ave. (at 165 St.)
New York, NY


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