June 18 – Uptown Stories Marathon Reading


Celebrate the young writers of Uptown Stories! Based in Washington Heights, Uptown Stories offers small-group, after-school writing workshops led by professional writers and master teachers. Students learn the craft of writing, engage their imaginations, practice giving and receiving constructive feedback, and join an exciting, supportive community.

This reading is a culmination of the work done by the fiction and creative nonfiction workshop students (ages 10–14). Workshop participants: Hailey Anderson, Jordyn Smalls, Leandra Suarez, Rizvan Sneed, Caleb Gallacher, Charlotte Levenson, Delilah Friedman, Ethan Park, Graydon Hanson, Helina Franklin, Kaya Gabsy, Siena Stoller, and Sofia O’Malley.

Uptown Stories Marathon Reading
Thursday, June 18, 2015
Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria
113 Amsterdam Ave. (at 165 St.)
New York, NY


One response to “June 18 – Uptown Stories Marathon Reading

  1. Myra Alperson

    Do any of the writers with Uptown Stories do tutoring? I’m a teacher in Inwood and I have a 7th grade student who would benefit from summer tutoring to help hjim with grammar – a very sweet boy. Let me know.

    Myra Alperson

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