Cerealsly Sunday & a note from Sandy


Today is Cerealsly Sunday, a day to celebrate the now-defunct ritual of gathering at a set place (in front of the tube in your PJs) at a set time (historically, Saturday morning) to be entertained by the antics of cartoon characters borne of the minds of creative animators over the past half century. I.E. This morning, WE’RE GOING TO WATCH CARTOONS AND EAT CEREAL AT WORD UP!

Suggested donation: $5. All proceeds will go toward our Indiegogo campaign, which ends today!!!

And with that exclamatory remark, here is a note from Sandy Jimenez, one of Word Up’s founding volunteers and co-organizer, with volunteer Jen Leach, of Cerealsly Sunday:

Word Up Community Bookshop is nearing the final hours of an Indiegogo campaign that targets some of its most important goals and attempts to realize some of the most crucial aspects of its mission: serving children with innovative programming and literature; and expanding the bookshop’s Spanish-language offerings.

I am asking for you help, today—at this linkright now.

Many of you know the story of how the idea of a pop-up store bookstore that Veronica organized on Broadway in 2011 exploded in a matter of weeks into a community arts space supported by a collective of diverse volunteers united by little more than a love of books and a desire to see something else take hold in Upper Manhattan aside from commerce and runaway rents.

Three years later, Word Up is still going strong in a dedicated facility that its volunteers, patrons, and yes—its community—made possible.

Word Up Community Bookshop is an outpost in what is in danger of becoming a cultural desert of sorts. Don’t get me wrong—Washington Heights has historically been home to generations of artists and musicians, and today it boasts one of the greatest concentrations of writers, poets, and storytellers in the city. But there is no mandate from God or the government that it remain this way. Supporting Word Up Community Bookshop is one way you fight for the kind of world you want, starting with this neighborhood, and hopefully continuing with the surrounding borough and city.

Transient commercial establishments can be a kind of pollution to a neighborhood like Washington Heights. I know that may sound radical, but consider the chain-store businesses that do nothing but further the compulsive consumer mindset: they bring nothing but their own profit-making to a neighborhood and remain unconcerned with what happens in that neighborhood. Small businesses attempting to feed the conspicuous consumption that has become a culture of its own in our nation are little better.

Word Up, among many things, is a line in the sand drawn by your impassioned and neighbors. Word Up is storefront and enterprise whose business is the enrichment of a community.

Word Up’s idea of a profit is the education of future generations.

As a Hispanic American writer and artist of Dominican descent who has been bounced out of every neighborhood in Brooklyn by skyrocketing rents, waves of hat stores and coffee shops, I ask you to fight for the kind of world you keep saying you want by taking the 20 dollars or so you might spend at a local fast food chain, drugstore complex, or latest pop-up neighborhood bar with a funky name and send it here http://bit.ly/1yeTdnN right now.

Support Word Up Community Bookshop.


Para Siempre.

—Sandy Jimenez


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