Tonight: Diaspora Defined Me as Bocafloja

Bocafloja_140911Come through Word Up Community Bookshop / Librería Comunitaria TONIGHT at 7PM for an artist talk and spoken word set by Bocafloja, whose book Prognosis: Decolonial Poetic Exhale / Descarda Poética Decolonial, with literary transcreation by Sidony O’Neal, will be available!

Says Hana Ruiz (author, columnist at Ceasefire Magazine):

English and Spanish are meant to be the language of the oppressors, the tongues of conquest and domination, of theft. And yet, it is precisely because of this language offers a site of resistance and reclamation, of rupturing the world, offering new ways of knowing and thinking. Prognosis is an affirmation of this procress in trans-creation, an articulation of how we retrieve ourselves when we take the oppressor’s languages and do with it what we will.

Check out Bocafloja’s new vid on Ñ Don’t Stop, hosted by Rebel Diaz and Claudia de la Cruz. Then come to 2113 Amsterdam Ave. @ 165th St. for tonight’s event at 7pm!




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