The Manhattan Times: Sandy Jimenez on comics

sandySandy Jimenez is not only one our volunteers, but he is also an incredible artist (among other things) and he was recently interviewed by SherryMazzocchi for the Manhattan Times.

“In the 1970’s, zombies and vampires sucked the lifeblood out of the Bronx. Marley Davidson, the Bronx Exorcist, cruised the burned out streets in a large white limousine, looking for vengeance.

Marley Davidson, Bronx Exorcist is the creation of Sandy Jiménez, an Inwood-based graphic artist, writer and director. On August 29, Jiménez will talk about Marley’s complex world at Word Up Community Bookshop at 6 p.m.

Davidson started off as a character in Vladek, Vampire Detective, another series by Jiménez. But the character took on a life of his own and demanded his own series.

The character has traditional superhero origins. His parents were killed by villains.

But he’s not a hero.”

Check out the full video and article here, and remember to come down to his live reading happening August 29th at 6pm here at Word Up!




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