This Thursday: The Prizefighters

Face Out: The Prizefighters by Arlene Schulman
Introduced by Led Black of the Uptown Collective
Thursday, May 8, 7–9 PM
Word Up, 2113 Amsterdam Avenue @ 165th St.

This week’s Face Out features The Prizefighters, a collection of luminous black and white photographs by uptown’s own Arlene Schulman, in a book that captures the life of the prizefighter in and out of the ring. Her writing details the hopes and desires of the youngest men in amateur contests, through contenders in training, journeymen in defeat and world champions in their prime. The book presents a portrait of what drives men to box and features fighters such as Sugar Ray Robinson, Willie Pep and Archie Moore, along with the world-famous champions such as Ali, Frazier, Holmes, Spinks, Duran, and Hagler who succeeded them. Says the New York Times: “Arlene Schulman’s photographs are all distinctive, and they are all of a piece. No other photographer currently working in sports creates images that are so instantly recognizable.”

For tonight’s event, Arlene Schulman will be in conversation with Uptown Collective editor Led Black.

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