Also Thursday: Decoding the Tablecloth by Gabriela Kohen

DecodingTheTableclothThis Thursday, down the street from Word Up, we’re presenting a show with People’s Theatre Project, in collaboration with Fort Tryon Jewish Center and the YM & YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood, at the Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center. Check out a story about the show in the Manhattan Times (click here)!

Decoding the Tablecloth
Written and performed by Gabriela Kohen
Directed by Connie Grappo
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center
530 West 166th Street (between Audubon and Amsterdam Avenues)
A/C/1 trains to 168th Street

Performance followed by a Q and A with Gabriela Kohen

In this award winning, critically acclaimed, autobiographical one-woman show, Gabriela Kohen questions and explores Latina and Jewish identity. Forced to flee  Poland in 1938, Kohen’s grandmother found herself in Argentina with the one possession she took from home, a tablecloth. Years later, Gabriela finds herself growing up Latina and Jewish in New York with this same tablecloth. From 1970s Brooklyn, to the tango halls of Argentina, to the Warsaw ghetto of the 1940s, Kohen portrays over twenty characters in English, Spanish, and Yiddish in this poignant family story.

“A loving yet unflinching family portrait… Astonishing subtlety of gesture, expression and accent . . . an extraordinarily efficient and moving hour of entertainment”—New York Magazine

“Decoding the Tablecloth is bitter, forgiving and wise.”—Washington Post


People’s Theatre Project, Word Up Librería Comunitaria, Fort Tryon Jewish Center, y YM &YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood presentan:

Decoding the Tablecloth
Obra escrita y actuada por Gabriela Kohen
Dirigido por Connie Grappo
jueves, 24 de abril
Centro Cultural Alianza Dominicana
530 W. 166th Street (entre avenidas Audubon y Amsterdam)
Tómese el A/C/1 hasta la calle 168
Seguido por una conversación con Gabriela Kohen

En esta obra teatral premiada y autobiográfica, Gabriela Kohen interroga y explora su identidad latina y judía. En 1938, su abuela se vio obligada a escapar de Polonia y se regufió en Argentina con la  única posesión que rescató de su hogar: un mantel. Años después, Gabriela se encuentra creciendo en Nueva York, latina y judía, con ese mismo mantel. Desde Brooklyn en los años ’70 a las salas de tango en Argentina, al gueto de Varsovia de los años 1940s, Kohen actúa más de veinte personajes en inglés, español, e yídish en esta emocionante historia familiar.

“Un retrato familiar cariñoso pero audaz… Sutileza asombrosa de gestos, expresión, y acento… una hora extraordinariamente eficiente y conmovedora de entretenimiento.”—New York Magazine

“Decoding the Tablecloth es amargo, compasivo, y sabio.”—Washington Post


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