Word@4F Spoken Word Workshop & Open Mic for Teens



Wednesday, January 22 | 4:30–6pm
Word@4F Spoken Word Workshop & Open Mic for Teens

Angy Abreu and Chakira M. Haddock from Word@4F host a spoken-word workshop and open mic for high school students. Teens can take part in an interactive workshop led by veteran spoken word artists/poets, discuss spoken word as an art form, and participate in writing exercises aimed at promoting creativity and verbal self-expression. The creation and performance of bilingual spoken word pieces will be encouraged. After the workshop, teens will have the opportunity (but are not required) to perform their pieces (new and old) in front of their peers and Word Up’s general audience. Although attendance at the workshop is encouraged, it is not required for participation at the open mic.

ALSO, if you can’t get enough mid-week spoken word, then don’t forget to RSVP for Word@4F’s one-year anniversary party, which will be held at Apt. 78 on Thursday, January 23rd. Word@4F, a mobile open mic committed to fostering the literary community uptown, was started by our friends Rammer and Angy when we had to close the original Word Up location. Word@4F shows that you can’t hold the community back! More info here: www.facebook.com/Word4f.


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