Tonight: Beverly Gologorsky & Jessica Stilling read at Face Out

In tonight’s Face Out at 7pm, Jessica Stilling & Beverly Gologorsky will both be reading from their new novels.

FaceOut_Dec19With tender, unadorned prose and a supremely human sympathy for the triumphs and defeats of everyday life, in her long-awaited second novel Stop HereBeverly Gologorsky delivers a moving and incisive story about loss, friendship, and healing in the shadow of a seemingly endless war. Ava, Mila, and Rosalyn all work at Murray’s Diner in Long Island; they are friends and coworkers struggling to hold their disordered lives together.

“Unflinching, piercing, Gologorsky looks straight into the face of class in this country, capturing the reverberations across generations of who really fights our wars, who really serves our coffee, who really gets up in the dark to wipe the diners’ counter clean.” —Elizabeth Strout, author of Olive Kitteridge

Peter Pan meets The Lovely Bones in Jessica Stilling‘s beautifully rendered and emotionally devastating debut novel about where children go when they die. Betwixt and Between follows three intertwining narratives: that of Preston Tumbler, a ten-year-old boy who is poisoned by a neighbor and wakes up in Neverland, where he finds himself—along with a group of other deceased children—under the watchful eye of Peter Pan; Preston’s mother, Claire, in the real world, as she deals with the loss of her son; and a family in Victorian London as they wait for their little girl to awake from a coma, a family whose neighbor happens to be Peter Pan author JM Barrie.


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