Help Word Up be a part of #GIVINGTUESDAY

GivingTuesBannerTomorrow, Tuesday, December 3rd, be part of the first #GIVINGTUESDAY!

Global charities, families, businesses, community centers, students and more will come together to create this national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season. #GivingTuesday celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support nonprofit organizations, like our very own Word Up Community Bookshop!

Word Up has been warmly received as a partner for #GivingTuesday, WHICH MEANS that, anyone who goes to and looks us up——can be a part of this national effort by supporting us, and can learn about what we do!

#GivingTuesday, which has been a long time in the making and is supported by hundreds of charity organizations and foundations around the world, is based on a simple idea that is tightly aligned with Word Up’s mission and vision: find a way to give back to your community. What #GivingTuesday is asking us to do is to tell everyone we can about how we are each giving. Post it to Facebook, Tweet it, blog about it, tell your friends and loved ones, tell strangers on the street, take a photo of yourself after you’ve just donated to a great cause. Tell people about the organizations that are important to you, and let everyone know why!

Some sample tweets!

  • #GivingTuesday is a special call to action and creates a national day of giving around the annual shopping and spending season to inspire giving every day.
  • #GivingTuesday proves that the holidays can be about both giving and giving back. It celebrates how Americans can do more with their wallets than just shop – and that we Americans can give as good as we get.
  • Perfect antidote to overspending this holiday season? #GivingTuesday coming Dec 3! @givingtues

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