Face Out in November


Thursday, November 14 | 7-9pm
Face Out: Revolución con Raya Dunayevskaya
“Una trilogía de revolución” is three books in Spanish by Raya Dunayevskaya, a Marxist philosopher and activist who was the founder of the News and Letters Committees. The three books—Marxism and Freedom, Philosophy and Revolution, and a book on the German revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg—explore the relationship between Marxist theory and practice in today’s world. RSVP on Facebook (optional).

Thursday, November 21 | 7-9pm
Face Out: El Lenguaje de la música, con Barry Araújo Kolman
Dr. Barry Araújo Kolman presents the new Spanish translation of his book, The Language of Music Revealed—a book that guides the reader (high schooler through adult) to read and write music in a very entertaining but informative way. Not your average boring music theory book! RSVP on Facebook (optional).


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