Face Out series begins this Thursday w/ Miriam Mejía



Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria is pleased to announce a new reading series, Face Out, presenting literary readings on (most) Thursdays. We are ecstatic to kick off the series on September 12, 7pm, with a reading by MIRIAM MEJÍA, founder of Casa Camila Verde, who will be reading new stories from Matices, published in the Dominican Republic. With a Q&A led by Jenny K Perdomo. This reading will be in Spanish.

En Word Up Librería Comunitaria, nos da un gran placer poder anunciar que una nueva serie de lecturas, Face Out, que presentará lecturas literarias (casi todos) los jueves. Nos place enormemente poder lanzar la serie este 12 de septiembre, 7pm, con una lectura por MIRIAM MEJÍA, fundador de Casa Verde Camila y autora de varios libros que incluyen Matices. Conversación conducida en español por Jenny K. Perdomo. Esta lectura será en español.


3 responses to “Face Out series begins this Thursday w/ Miriam Mejía

  1. Congratulations! This is very exciting!

  2. Reblogged this on I, Rammer and commented:
    Word Up bookstore is one of the most outstanding bookstores in Manhattan. They have events practically every day of the week. As this blog is based on my work as an author, poet, and artist, it is also a blog of events in NYC that have to do with anything ranging in these topics.

    I would be remissed if I didn’t acknowledge and proclaim that Word Up bookstore means a great deal to me. They have helped me cultivate my skills as a poet and host of events. But most importantly, they have helped cultivate an arts scene and literary culture in a place that desperately needs it, my beloved district Washington Heights. Should I mention the kind of selections of books they have? Because they’re not a chain store, what you will find are not just Best Sellers but also rare 1st Editions of great books, new and old, and a great selection of obscured books. They also sell vinyls, poetry books, self-published books (including from local writers and poets), comicbooks (which yours truly has on-shelf), picture books, children’s books, and books in other languages (Spanish, Russian, Japanese, etc.). Also also, they showcase art and have beautiful painted murals. Should I also mention that this is one of the few existing bookstores that is 100% ran by volunteers? Yes, in this day in age, this is happening and is not only sustaining, but thriving!

    So, as you can tell, you will be reading much about the going-ons of Word Up. It’s clean, spacious, well lit, well ventilated, organized, the volunteers are more than helpful, they’re like your friend without know it. I hope you can join in all the hype.

    Fridays are Open Mics, religiously; a treat you can depend on. Tuesdays are No Name, hosted by Eric Vetter, a stand-up comedy show with open mics also, comedy or spoken word/readings. And see now what Thursdays bring!

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