So Happy to Be Open


It’s been almost a month since our grand opening on July 26th! With all this hugging of people we’ve missed seeing over the past year, we’ve gotten behind on our website and newsletter. Please bear with us! We wanted to open as quickly as we could—our renovations took exactly a month, we opened barely three weeks later . . . and everything else has been rolling out a little more slowly. But, as we’re settling more things around the store, coming back from vacations, and watching the sunset a little earlier each day from our corner at 165th, we’ll get back to posting more regularly about all the things that have been going on at the store.

With our open mic and the No Name series picking up right where they left off, plus the spiral language exchange, craft camp, and a lovely Saturday afternoon concert from Mixed Doubles and Nikkiesha McLeod (on steelpan), there has been no shortage of entertainment at the shop amid the book browsing. Please visit us and come see for yourself!

We will starting taking book donations again after September 1. 

Here are some photos from our grand opening on July 26th:


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