United Palace of Cultural Arts matching grant: granted!

Not even a week ago, we announced in our newsletter and on Facebook and Twitter that the United Palace of Cultural Arts was offering a challenge grant: if we could raise at least another $5,000 before the end of the campaign, the United Palace of Cultural Arts would MATCH that with their own contribution of $5,000.

We have since reached the amount we needed to qualify for the UPCA’s $5000 matching grant. Thank you to our supporters for being so responsive, and thank you to the UPCA for presenting that challenge and following through!

WE ARE GETTING CLOSER TO OUR GOAL BUT NOT QUITE THERE YET. We are almost down to the wire. At the time of this writing, we have 33 hours left in our campaign, and are at almost $41,000. Please help us pull through as we head into our last day. Remember that ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!!!

See our past collaboration with the UPCA here. Also, United Palace has been generously storing much of the bookshop inventory since we had to close our doors on August 31. Peek at some of what we hope to eventually bring out of the Palace basement:


Contribute before the end of Sunday to get these books into your hands!


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