Indiegogo Perk: Word Up T-shirt

Junot Díaz shows you how great these Word Up T-shirts look.
Photo: Isaacc García

As you may already know, we have an Indiegogo campaign in full swing, to raise funds for Word Up’s programming and a new space to house it all. The other day we explained the backstory to our $5 wooden nickel perk. The next perk we want to show off is our T-shirt.

Rishauna and Daniella model the black heather and blue heather T-shirts.
Photo: Sherry Mazzocchi

This T-shirt, designed by Mary Ann Wincorkowski, looks pretty great, eh? You can read some of the backstory to the T-shirt image in this post from June.

At this very moment, we are participating in a Cyber Monday contest that features this T-shirt perk. If you vote for us on this page, then we have a chance to win bonus funds from Indiegogo. You can even vote once an hour! The deadline for this contest is midnight Wednesday.

Maroon heather T-shirt

Regardless of whether or not we win that contest, for a $30 contribution to our Indiegogo campaign, you can get this T-shirt, a special-edition print with haiku by Word Up volunteers, and a wooden nickel, which can be redeemed for a used book once we reopen.

Kid T-shirts

Adult T-shirts are available from XXS to XXL, in maroon heather, blue heather, and black heather. Kid T-shirts are available in 2T, 3T, and 4T, in bright red or royal blue. They make great gifts for all seasons.

Please contribute to our Indiegogo today! 


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