Indiegogo Perk: Wooden Nickel

Thanks to all who have contributed to our Indiegogo fundraising campaign! You are all the best. (If you want to join the best, click here.)

Another set of people we want to thank profusely (and who are, simultaneously, the best) are our CSB members. The Word Up Community Supported Bookshop (CSB) is a member program modeled on neighborhood CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), which help local farmers sustain their operations. The Word Up CSB launched in December 2011, and the Continuing CSB member option was launched in June 2012. Read more about our CSB program here. When members sign up for shares, they receive hand-silkscreened tote bags and 6 or 12 wooden nickels (for Basic or Continuing CSB shares), which are redeemable for used books. While we don’t have a storefront, these can be redeemed at events where we have a presence.

New CSB members gained at the taping of Ohayo Nippon (Good Morning Japan) at Word Up. (January 2012)

It is these wooden nickels—reusable, small, lightweight, novel—that are available to you at the most affordable end of our Indiegogo campaign. This means that if you contribute as little as $5, or any amount above $5, you will receive a signature Word Up wooden nickel that you can spend on a used book as soon as we reopen, or anywhere around the neighborhood where you can find us with books. In this way, your contribution to our Indiegogo campaign is like joining a grand-scale Word Up CSB—rather than simply a charitable donation, you are providing funds in advance for the reopening of Word Up, sharing in the risk and reward, joining in on this local project grown with love. And you can gain at least a used book in return!!!

You must love books and bookshops. Why else are you reading this website? So please don’t hesitate to contribute today!

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