At the Greenmarket, with real-life books

Yesterday, Saturday, was one of a handful over the past year when we’ve set up a book stall outside the Inwood Greenmarket, inspired by the great WiLL TeeZ.

The visibility of books in our neighborhood is as important to us as the direct connections we make on a street corner. At the old spot, 4157 Broadway, nearly every day we heard someone comment that they hadn’t seen books in our neighborhood in a long time, or at least hadn’t seen them so regularly, so publicly, and they liked that they could see them. There is potential in books, in the absorption of their contents, and making a space for books means making space for that potential.

Sandy watches over the stand while a young reader digs in right then and there.

Junot Díaz said this at the kickoff to our first birthday party celebrations, while looking around our book-filled space:

There are kids wandering around looking at this, even kids who haven’t yet dared to come in here, but in their minds it’s already growing, that utopian possibility of a life with books.

Volunteers Jen and Ian in book costumes from Halloween.

And so we want people to see books.

People ask us, “If and when e-readers take over, what will you do?” We wonder too, and think about how to plan for the future. But we know that for the moment, we can’t live in the future when—in our neighborhood, more than many others in Manhattan—the space for literature hasn’t always been so present, in public. We’re trying to make that space.

In honor of our Inwood Greenmarket neighbor WiLL TeeZ, we’ve got a special offer! For the next 25 people who contribute at least $15 to our campaign OR increase their contribution by any amount, we’ll send you—on top of all the perks you select—a copy of Will’s postcard book Sign of the Times, in which he documented mass public protests, 2003–2005, through photography. To qualify for this extra perk, please also add a comment on our Indiegogo page that references “Greenmarket”!

Help us get to that next milestone, $10,000!


One response to “At the Greenmarket, with real-life books

  1. Very cool.Great job gang.

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