NY Daily News features our fundraising campaign

Check it out! News of our fundraising campaign hit the New York Daily News! And yesterday we even hit the Indiegogo homepage!

Our online crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com has been going for almost 7 days, and we are at $7,392 and 120 funders, thanks to many of YOU!

Our goal, however, is $60,000, so no need for you to procrastinate if you were thinking about donating! . . . Go ahead. . . . Get it out of the way and check it off your to-do list. We’ll wait right here . . . [ONLINE donation] [OFFLINE donation]

Donated? Good! Now—this money will go toward books, programming, and startup costs in a new space—all of which you can read about in more detail here. Your donation very directly puts books in the hands of your neighbors. From the start, the entire Word Up collective has been comprised of volunteers who’ve been doing what we do because so many people have expressed a need for Word Up—a need they didn’t even realize they had, but that they understood once it started to be filled. It’s not just a need for physical space, but also space for ideas, for gathering, for exchange in many forms. We’ve been asked so many times to stay—to make that space available—that we figured we’d at least try! But it does take more financial resources to stay permanently. If our idea of a shared space for reflection and exchange resonates with you, please help us however you can—especially by donating and/or spreading the word. Thanks!


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