100 have taken action so far

We just hit 100 funders on our Indiegogo campaign! Thank you so, so much for supporting our effort to bring back Word Up Community Bookshop in brick and mortar. If we could get all 100 of you in a room, we’d give you a giant group hug.

Video by Sherry Mazzocchi

One of the times we did fit 100 people (or more?!) into Word Up was around this time last year, for Immigration Circus/Circo Immigratorio, a bilingual play written and performed by actors from People’s Theatre Project‘s Uptown Action/Teatro Acción program, and facilitated by PTP artistic director Mino Lora and Theatre of the Oppressed NYC artistic director Katy Rubin. As the plays are interactive and based on the actors’ own experiences, hosting Uptown Action at Word Up—a venue created by and for a group of residents who, well, took action in order to have a place where community dialogue could be facilitated through books and art—was a most appropriate match.

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, People’s Theatre Project will present an all-new Uptown Action show, this time focusing on housing rights and discrimination. What Happens Here/Lo Que Pasa Aquí is codirected by Mino Lora and includes actors Bob Braswell and Lyana Fernández—all three also Word Up collective members.

If we had a space, we’d be hosting one of the performances! But we don’t have a space, yet. That’s where you come in! Take your places and help us out by contributing to our Indiegogo, spreading the word, and engaging with your community! Take action!


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