While we’ve been in exile

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has contributed to our Indiegogo campaign so far! We are so, so excited—not only because of the purpose of this campaign, but also because of the good wishes and reminiscences that it has prompted people to write in. We miss you too, and that’s why we hope to be back soon. We’re not that far off from $5000, so if you were thinking about donating but haven’t yet, help us start the new week with this boost!

All this time, we haven’t been hiding away completely. One of the things that kept us busy after putting our books in storage was helping the historic United Palace launch a new arts organization: the United Palace of Cultural Arts. Helping to program and execute the event on October 25 was a natural extension of what we’d been doing at Word Up for more than a year—though this time the challenge was making several weeks’ worth of Word Up events happen in two hours. Dj Boy made a video recapping the night. We hope you enjoy it!

Read more about the event in DNAinfo, New York Daily News, Shelf Awareness, and Media Bistro.

Young Moms Conference @ Shabazz Center (September 8)

But don’t think we waited till October 25 to start getting out in the neighborhood again.

Even just a week after we closed our old location on August 31, we represented at the Young Moms Conference at the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Center. And there’s been the Inwood Greenmarket, the Brooklyn Book Festival, and the 20th Annual Little Red Lighthouse Festival.

In October, The Uptowner published a story on our whereabouts.

Little Red Lighthouse Festival @ Fort Washington Park (October 6)

Whereabouts. Where, about? Well, this whole time we’ve been right here in the neighborhood. Most of us volunteers live in Washington Heights or Inwood, and some even work in the neighborhood. We still meet weekly, but our plans are hashed out in a greater variety of places—apartments, parks, restaurants. We still run into you at the bodega, or shout your name at the corner when we see you crossing. If you peek up at the rooftops, you might see Dj Boy. There are tens of thousands of books in storage, and we want to show them to you, or at least make new stories out of a funny arrangement of spines. We miss the spot. We want to build it again.


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