The Word Up Indiegogo Launches!

We are all the beneficiaries of this. It is an extraordinary covenant with the community, and with the future, and I have to tell you—to be in any way associated with this is a tremendous honor. It’s perhaps the best thing that’s gonna happen to me this year.
—JUNOT DÍAZ, at Word Up’s one-year birthday celebration


BOOKS MAKE LIFE BETTER, indeed. We’ve had a taste of what it’s like to have a community bookshop and arts space in the center of our neighborhood. We came together with neighbors of all ages, sexes, nationalities, races, classes, and religions to discuss ideas and what we want to fix in the world, surrounded by books, art, and welcoming faces. Now we want to bring back that space. We want to bring back Word Up Community Bookshop.

Since our lease was terminated at the end of August, the Word Up volunteer collective has been evaluating potential storefronts and trekking to community events with books. Our enthusiasm for promoting literature, literacy, and dialogue in our neighborhood has not diminished one bit. When we reopen—and we will reopen—we hope to do so as permanently as possible, and for that we’ll need greater financial resources. So we’re embarking on a fundraising campaign—starting right now!

YOU WANT WORD UP TO REOPEN TOO, DON’T YOU? We hope so, because we can’t do this without you! If you need any more convincing, you can take a peek at some of our accomplishments here.


1. INDIEGOGO—OUR ONLINE CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN. Please check out our Indiegogo page for WHY you should contribute, and ALL THE AWESOME PERKS you’ll get—books, prints, T-shirts, notebooks, tote bags, an original storybook produced by the Word Up collective, a pre-opening cocktail fiesta, an intimate dinner, original art . . . even a key to the store!!! Many of these perks are by authors, artists, and artisans in our own neighborhood, and by supporting us, you’ll be supporting them. There are perks for readers and writers, the young and the old, individuals and organizations, art lovers and neighborhood supporters. You’ll need a PayPal account in order to contribute to our Indiegogo campaign. Our Indiegogo campaign ends in 45 days!

2. CHECK/MONEY ORDER. If you’re too cool for the new school and want to pay with a check or money order, we take those too: payable to Seven Stories Institute (our 501(c)(3) nonprofit sponsor) and sent to Word Up, 809 W. 181 St. #239, New York, NY 10033.

3. CREDIT CARD. If credit cards are your thing but you don’t want to go through Indiegogo (which processes our payments via PayPal), that’s also possible; email us at and we’ll set it up.

All donations are tax-deductible.


PROMOTE our Indiegogo! Consider posting news about our campaign to your blog or website, posting to Facebook and Twitter, writing about us for your publication, or co-hosting an event. Go ahead and use the badges and banners available on this page and link back to!

VOLUNTEER! Even our envelope-stuffing parties are loads of fun. Join the volunteer crew working together to make this happen. To offer hands-on fundraising help, please get in touch by writing to

We appreciate everything you’ve been to us, and we hope we can do you good by reopening soon.


2 responses to “The Word Up Indiegogo Launches!

  1. Reblogged this on Becoming the Writer's Accomplice and commented:
    I love books.
    I love people who love books.
    I love people who celebrate books.
    I love people who recognize that books can change our lives for the better in all sorts of amazing ways–joining like minded people, inspiring debate, inspiring creativity ,inspiring curiosity, fostering literacy, fostering a love of learning, and fostering community.
    I love people who want to bring books into communities where it’s hard to get books.
    And that’s why I’m reblogging this post–to support people who want to bring back a community bookstore.

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