Mobilize with Word Up after Hurricane Sandy

Northern Manhattan was relatively unscathed in comparison to downtown, Staten Island, the Far Rockaways, and parts of New Jersey. There are plenty of ways to help your neighbors. From what we’ve found over the past few days citywide: like some days at Word Up, it’s hard to get info on the phone or via email, but just showing up might make all the difference in the world.

High Bridge Park

Tonight/This Weekend

549 Audubon Ave. @ 193 Street
People who suffered the storm much worse in other parts of the city will be arriving in large numbers to the George Washington High School shelter in Washington Heights TODAY. Schools reopen on Monday, so shelters are being consolidated, and GWHS will become one of the few remaining schools doubling as storm shelters. GWHS is in need of volunteers at all hours, especially at night and overnight. They are accepting donations of food (preferably in single-serve portions), water, towels, toiletries, clothes, and bedding.

Saturday, November 3 – 8:30–11:30am
Corner of Cooper & Isham streets (one block west of Broadway)
The Inwood-based Knights of Columbus Council, Good Shepherd Men’s Club, and the Church of the Good Shepherd will be collecting items to bring to the George Washington High School shelter and the NYPD distribution center at the former Aqueduct Racetrack. Needs include bottled water; towels; soap; food in single-serve portions for easy distribution; canned goods; nonperishable food items; individual snacks (chips, cookies, fruit snacks, granola bars, pudding); canned milk; facial tissue; toilet paper; paper towels; diapers; baby formula; baby wipes; trash bags; aluminum foil; plastic wrap; sandwich bags; cleaning products (bleach, sponges, dishwashing liquid); bedsheets; pillow cases; deodorant; toothpaste; shampoo; conditioner; feminine hygiene products; clothing for all ages, particularly clothing for the approaching colder weather.
All are welcome to help us in the collection of these items or anyone with a car willing to help shuttle these items to these locations. cFor further information call Jamie Hamilton at (646) 406-5804.
Saturday, November 3 @ 10am
3950 10th Ave. bet. 211 Street & Sherman Ave.
Organizers are gathering supplies—food, water, pillows, and warm clothes (especially coats)—on Saturday, November 3, starting at 10am, for transport to Staten Island. Please ask for Mimi Isle and/or Felix Nikauris Arias.
Sites aggregating ways to help in other neighborhoods:

163 Street at the confluence of St. Nicholas and Amsterdam avenues

Though there was barely any flooding, there was still that massive wind. The wind blew over trees, awnings, and construction debris, and in some cases opened up sightlines. After this traffic triangle had been boarded up for nearly a decade, the surprising green expanse by the CTownSquare revealed that things have been wanting to grow here after all.

Continue to be safe and lend a hand to your neighbors!


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