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The readers and spoken word artists performing at the Palace Oct. 25

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There are a lot of great performers coming out to launch the new United Palace of Cultural Arts tonight, and we hope you’ll join the party. As soon as you walk in (and say hello at our book stall), there’ll be activity in every corner—from Tango in the Heights in the grand foyer, to People’s Theatre Project’s workshop behind the central staircase; from many of our favorite emcees spitting rhymes at the top of the stairs, to the curious room on the mezzanine where Schattenkabinett will present their self-described “surreal kaleidoscope of shadow and light, noise and music,” through puppets “dismembered, transposed, and reconstituted within an equally malleable landscape of sound.”

One room that might not be as conspicuous a destination due to the need for a (slightly) quieter environment is the library on the mezzanine, where Word Up will present a lineup of readers and spoken word artists. From 7:20 to 8:20, catch some or all of the great people below:

  • Mary Ely Peña-Gratereaux, author and editor of Voices of the Diaspora: Stories and Testimonies of Dominican Inmigrant Women
  • hattie gossett, author of the immigrant suite: hey xenophobe! who you calling a foreigner?
  • Elizabeth Balaguer, author of Mi Carnaval / My Carnival
  • Robin Glasser, author of My Life as a Concubine
  • Aimee Rubensteen
  • Evan Schwarzbaum
  • Shawnee Ramos & Pochitos07

And, there is so much more. See you at the Palace!


Word Up is popping up for one night at the United Palace!

United Palace of Cultural Arts Launch & Arts Interaction
Thursday, October 25 | 6–8:30pm |  4140 Broadway
in collaboration with Word Up & Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance

Next Thursday, October 25, from 6 to 8:30pm, please join Word Up as we help our friends at the United Palace launch a new organization, the United Palace of Cultural Arts.

If you have never been to the Palace, that is reason enough to make the trip: taking up the whole block between 175 and 176 streets, and between Broadway and Wadsworth Ave., the Palace has been remarkably well-maintained since opening its doors as the last of the Loew’s Wonder Theaters in 1930, and its interior is real eye candy. The great thing is that, beyond the awesome acoustics and sight lines of the main theater, there are dozens of corners and crevices throughout the space as a whole that are ripe for presentation. Strange little zones that would be “just the back door area” in any other theater are, when evaluated in their own right, actually beautiful spaces where art can be made and shared. So the fun part of next Thursday night is that we are going to make use of as many spaces around the place as we can.

If you come at 6pm sharp, you can catch the official introduction to the United Palace of Cultural Arts in the main theater. Then at 6:30, the whole of the Palace will begin to ring with sound and movement. We will have a mini Word Up book stall in the grand foyer—bring your wooden coins if you have them!

Over the next few days, we’ll highlight some of the artists and groups presenting that night. The roster includes People’s Theatre Project, hattie gossett, WHIN Music Project, Jay Franco’s Faces of Hope, Mary Ely Peña-Gratereaux, The Machine, Elizabeth Balaguer, Avalon the Dawn, Robin Glasser, Demetrius Daniel, Washington Heights Artist Movement, Up Theater Company, Circa ’95, Will Glass & Luis Alvarez, Dom P, Nutcracker, Inc., City Boy, Ruben Gonzalez & Michael Wimberly, Tango in the Heights, Organic Magnetics, Schattenkabinett, Aimee Rubinstein, Evan Shwarzbaum, Shawnee Ramos & Pochitos07, Video Void, J-Mantekz, Papi Dinero, Art by Dj Boy, and
Washington Heights Free Radio.

Phew! You’d think that was it, but we also have surprise special guests that have us so excited that we have to sign off of this post and go watch their video now. See you on Thursday, October 25!

Uptown Lit: Sunday Best Reading today!

Sunday Best: Readings at Hudson View Gardens
Sunday, October 14th, 4:00 p.m.
Depends What You Mean by Haunted

Julia Rust
David Surface
Gay Partington Terry 

Hosted by
Patricia Eakins

The Lounge @ Hudson View Gardens
Pinehurst Avenue and 183rd Street
Subway: A train to 181st

$7 admission includes performances, drinks, snacks, and reception for the poets.

Today: Word Up at the Little Red Lighthouse Festival

We’ll be here, with children’s book readings at our tent at 2:30pm.

We’re still here! We know we’ve been a quiet in the past month, but we’re still working away at finding a new, permanent space for Word Up community bookshop / librería comunitaria. We’ve looked at dozens of possible locations and more fully tracked down the leads that seem more viable than others. We’ve also caught up on some sleep after such an intense year, and are working on other foundational things to make sure that a future emergence is as opposite to a pop-up as possible.

In the meantime, we have provided books to neighborhood gatherings such as the Young Moms Conference and the Inwood Greenmarket, and we have trucked across borough borders for events like the Brooklyn Book Festival.

Today we’ll be at an uptown landmark in our own backyard, at the festival in honor of Manhattan’s only remaining lighthouse. The 20th Annual Little Red Lighthouse Festival is at Fort Washington Park today, from noon to 4pm. At 2:30pm, we’ll have children’s book authors reading at our tent. Come by!

Our readers:

Elizabeth Balaguer will read from her new book El Cuco / The Boogeyman. As an author and illustrator, Elizabeth has published several works, including Trucando, and Mi Carnaval / My Carnival. She holds degrees in Graphic Design, Visual Communication and Computer Information System, and is pursuing an MFA in Literature at the City College of New York.

Stalwart Word Up volunteer Robin Glasser will read from her forthcoming book Baboon Bob.

And Word Up volunteer Jen Leach will rep her recently published Not Now, Ollie! which will have all the dogs and dog owners in the park grinning.