Final Open Mic at Word Up Books’ Current Location – Live Stream

We are streaming tonight’s open mic live from now until 9pm! Join Us here if you can’t make it down (or up) to 176st and Broadway.

Here we are folks, in the last week at our current space on 176 and Broadway. As we pack up the books and move them across the street for temporary storage and we get a new place going, let’s celebrate the good times at Word Up and do what we do best, show off the talent that grows inside all of us!
Come on by for the last Open Mic that will ever take place at 176 and Broadway. After more than a year of amazing singers, poets, dancers, musicians old and young, from everywhere (and we mean EVERYWHERE!) we have much to be happy about and we hope you come by and share in the celebration. 
Dj Boy will be djing all night and the mic will be open to ANYONE that comes in. 
No Judgements

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