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Today is Last Day to Shop at 4157 Broadway

Soon our storefront will be back to the state we found it in almost 15 months ago, and it will perhaps be impossible to tell that a flourishing bookshop and neighborhood arts hub had burst in and out in that time. Of course, the good will, creativity, hard work and meaningful community interaction that took place here is not going anywhere–indeed, we’re working to secure a new, more permanent home very close by, for the very near future. But for now, there are only a few more hours to buy books, zines, records, t-shirts, CSB memberships and all the things you’ve coveted these 15 months.

July 2011

August 27th-31st our volunteer collective will be packing and moving the remainder of our inventory and fixtures into storage. If you’d like to lend a hand, stop by.

Our financial needs at our new home will be greater than ever, so feel free to donate. Thanks to everyone, and see you soon.


Final Open Mic at Word Up Books’ Current Location – Live Stream

We are streaming tonight’s open mic live from now until 9pm! Join Us here if you can’t make it down (or up) to 176st and Broadway.

Here we are folks, in the last week at our current space on 176 and Broadway. As we pack up the books and move them across the street for temporary storage and we get a new place going, let’s celebrate the good times at Word Up and do what we do best, show off the talent that grows inside all of us!
Come on by for the last Open Mic that will ever take place at 176 and Broadway. After more than a year of amazing singers, poets, dancers, musicians old and young, from everywhere (and we mean EVERYWHERE!) we have much to be happy about and we hope you come by and share in the celebration. 
Dj Boy will be djing all night and the mic will be open to ANYONE that comes in. 
No Judgements

We’re Still Open—Extended to August 31

Everything on our website is a beat or two (or three) behind what actually happens on the ground here at Word Up. Sometimes there is so much going on the ground—all this talking to multiple real people, in person!—that we update something but not the other . . . Anyway, as surprised patrons have pointed out this weekend as they’ve walked into our humble storefront, we are still open

We have been granted a small extension at our current location and will be allowed to remain through August 31st! Thanks to the generosity and hard work of our friends, neighbors, customers, and local politicians for helping us continue to provide our community with the services and space it needs.
We are still sorting out next steps, and we are still working as quickly as possible to do so. Our summer hours, 2-9pm, are in effect. We still have a lot of books that you want, and a lot of books that you want to give to others. We still want to see you. Stop in. And to stay more steps ahead than reading this website might allow, subscribe to our newsletter, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. But really, just come visit.