Saturday Night: People’s Theatre Project presents Shadow Liberation

Tonight—stop in right now!—People’s Theatre Project and the Word Up community bookshop are hosting the New York City site for this international event! Audiences in New York and San Francisco will interact with live performers in Bangalore, India, through a new web-platform, Open Stage. Similar to YouTube Live, Open Stage features streaming video of a performance along with chat and social media connected functions that allow global audiences to interact while viewing the show. It takes interactivity a step further by inviting viewers to web-chat onto the stage and interact with performers in real time. Open Stage will debut its platform with a performance dialogue by Shadow Liberation.

Shadow Liberation offers a creative and innovative form of dealing with gender oppression and gender violence. Using theatre as a medium of communication, their main motive is to involve the audience to participate and produce interventions into the scenarios of gender violence portrayed in their show.

Shadow Liberation is currently touring India, bringing their dynamic performance to audiences ranging from lawyers to collegians, from theatre companies to the general public.

The group consists of 17 students from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology under the direction of Evan Hastings, a participatory theatre artist, who directs and produces original performance pieces that grapple with pressing issues.

To learn more about Shadow Liberation Click Here.


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