Saturday, March 10: Breakfast Benefit BUFFET for Word Up!!!

Wear your best PJs and fuzziest bunny slippers and feast on your favorite cereals! Mom’s not looking, so pour a bowl of Lucky Charms, sprinkle in some Fruity Pebbles, and watch the milk turn pink!* We’ll have cereal trivia, old-school cartoons, and cool prizes. Meet your neighbors and come down to Le Chéile to support Word Up, your neighborhood bookshop.

In honor of National Cereal Day (which is March 7, but which is not the day of this event), Washington Heights Irish pub Le Chéile is sponsoring an all-you-can-eat cereal buffet on Saturday, March 10. Proceeds will benefit Word Up.The $25 entry fee covers an unlimited cereal bar and a chance to win copies of The Great American Cereal Book by Marty Gitlin and Topher Ellis, donated by Abrams Books. Children under 12 will be admitted for free.

*We’ll have healthy options, too, of course.


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