Inwood Fundraisers: Books, Art, Music

In the early hours of January 4, a fire destroyed a building at the corner of Broadway and 207 Street, taking a number of small businesses with it. To support our neighbors in Inwood, Word Up has held / is still holding / and will hold a few fundraisers, and proceeds will go toward fire recovery. We all share this awesome neighborhood! We gotta take care of each other uptown.

The first fundraiser, held somewhat quietly over several weeks and built in to the natural happenings of our space, was the Uptown Love Project. If you’ve ever been to Word Up, you know that we proudly and prominently display all our local Washington Heights and Inwood authors and presses. Through January up till February 14, some of the proceeds from the sale of goods by local authors and presses were put aside for donation.

The current fundraiser, begun this past weekend, is an art show organized by Dj Boy. Photographs and skateboards! Artists included in this are Mike Fitelson, Marthalicia Matarrita, Art By Dj boy, Tony Creative and Wallace Flores.  These will be exhibited and for sale until March 3, so come and actively support your community as well as your local artists.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wait up, wait up, there’s more: this coming Saturday, February 25, 5-7pm, we’re having a show with Dom P, Will Glass, Luis Alvarez, Cynthia LaCruz and, of course, an open mic, with proceeds from the $10 suggested donation at the door again going toward fire funds.

What else, what else? No, we won’t start singing Billy Joel. But other ways to help out include attending the Inwood Flea Market (new locations coming soon) or donating directly to the Inwood Community Group; download this PDF for all the info:

See you soon!


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