Rent Party = a success!

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Saturday night’s Word Up Rent Party was a blast!

Thanks to all who came to celebrate six months of Word Up. That means six months of an organization that has been built, populated, grown, improved, embraced by members of y/our community. Six months of a literature and literacy resource in Washington Heights. Six months of a place that has distributed thousands of books into our neighborhood, and that has hosted several hundred performances. Six months of an arts joint that is collectively run, 7 days a week, by 60+ volunteers from Uptown, and from all races, nationalities, and ages (our youngest regular volunteers are 12 years old!). Six months of doing our best to look out for each other, of making sure we don’t fall or get too rained on or too tired or hungry or burnt out—because we all want a little Word Up in our lives for another six months, six years, six decades still.

We hope you were well-fed with hot food from Mambi Steak House, Pick and Eat, Dinosaur BBQ, and Mrs. Perdomo, and beer from Brooklyn Brewery. Thanks also to Bravo Super Markets for help with supplies.

Thanks for an awesome dance party!

And of course, thank you for helping us with future rent.

On Saturday we also launched our CSB (community-supported bookshop) program. Thanks to everyone who signed up for the CSB on our first night!

Armando Batista
Becky Fullan
Ben Schuster
Bob Braswell
Brendan Costello
Carla Zanoni
Charlotte Rahn-Lee
Dave Kim
Davida Gatlin
Debra Klaber
Diane E. Keeney
Ellen and Philipp
Gabriel Espinal
Gabriella Rivera
Joel Moya
Jonhayro Rivera
Maggie Hernández
Marianne Reddan
Patricia Eakins
Risa Ehrlich
Rishauna Zumberg
Romeo Cuba
Sandy Jimenez
Sarah Dziedzic
Sarah Watson
Tom Burgess
Veronica Liu
Will Glass


One response to “Rent Party = a success!

  1. So, so beautiful. You people make me proud of my neighborhood – I love you all!!!!!!

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