Wrap-Up by Will: Putt Up at Word Up

Uptown became a little greener the weekend of August 13th, as Word Up was transformed into miniature golf course designed by creative volunteers for an event called Putt Up at Word Up. Visitors of all ages, both from the neighborhood and from afar, were amazed and delighted by the five holes, each with an uptown-ish theme—bike lanes, the Inwood Seal, the bodega, and the admittedly surreal Sand Hazard from Kaboom! Press, which included a strobe light, black light, sound effects and challenging velvet terrain.

But the most popular of all was hole #1, featuring a 7-foot-tall illuminated model of the little red lighthouse, and a miniature George Washington Bridge designed collaboratively by the golf team at Word Up. Starting at approximately 4 feet height, the ball rolled down an ingenious serious of ramps in the GWB, then into and out of the lighthouse, settling tantalizingly close to the final hole.

DJs from Washington Heights Free Radio kept the atmosphere funky and cheery, while raffle prizes donated by local businesses helped raised funds for Word Up. The course will remain up for a few days, until the next performance reclaims the space.


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