The rumors are true.

Well, today is November 30.

This is supposed to be our last day at Word Up. But as DNAinfo reported on Monday, we are indeed negotiating a longer-term stay here, a “re-up” as Shelf Awareness called it. (The “up” jokes never end at our meetings either! Wait till you get a load of our plans for “Buck up!”)

Anyhoo, we’ve been a little slow at keeping up with this website. There’s a good chance that just by looking at this site you weren’t fully aware that there are events here almost every, and that some 300 or so people have done events here over the past 5.5 months, sometimes even with overflowing audiences. (With so much going on in person, how to find time to socially mediate?!)

With negotiations happening as we speak, there is nothing conclusive to report right now (midday, Wednesday) about what will happen tomorrow, December 1, at Word Up. But stay tuned.

And if all goes well, SAVE THIS DATE: * Saturday, December 17, 6-9pm *

More soon.


One response to “The rumors are true.

  1. the suspense! the suspense!! (should I bring a sleeping bag and tent??)

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