Tonight: Washington Heights & Inwood Photography Opening Reception

Word Up has not been around a long time, yet if there was someone we’d call “a longtime volunteer” then that would be Dj Boy. He’s hardly in any of our photos because he’s often the one behind the camera, taking stills or video, helping us let the rest of the world know what we look like. He’s also been integral in quite literally amplifying work at the store: Dj Boy’s one of the men behind the Washington Heights-based music and entertainment group Music for Daze, and we are grateful we’ve been able to use their PA for some of our events.

Tonight you can see Art by Dj Boy, alongside that of Mike Fitelson, Tony Creative, and Emil Baez, during our opening reception for a month-long photography exhibit featuring images of Washington Heights and Inwood. Bring your friends and family, see our neighborhood from other perspectives, and take the opportunity to mingle with WHIN’s local artists. Starts at 4! Snacks and refreshments will be served.

Check out the teaser trailer:


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