We are slow at the internet. You should just come and visit.

Sometimes these event previews happen on our site, sometimes they don’t. We can’t be at the internet all the time. But one way to always find out what is going on at Word Up is to stop in to your neighbourhood bookshop. We try to keep stocked with flyers and we try to transcribe everyone’s crazy penmanship from the mailing list as quickly as possible. 🙂 But it doesn’t always happen fast enough to keep up with the roller coaster that has been Word Up. We are proudly a 100% volunteer staff. We have other jobs, and other commitments, and sometimes life brings us downtown, or over a river, or crashing to sleep. But we do our best, and we hope you feel it, and can join in in whatever way you can.

And: thank goodness for others who promote and document!

This past Tuesday night was the launch party for the literary journal Gigantic Sequins. They made a super cheery emblem promoting the event, were endlessly friendly when gathered, and sold some copies of their new issue 2.2. We were enthused by their enthusiasm. Copies of new and back issues are still available in the literary journals section of the shop.

And thanks to chronic documenter and our Facebook Master Dj Boy, here’ s a quick peek at Monday night’s event with Fractious, Kaboom, WFMU, and Motion Picture Purgatory—

—and a shot of Word Up’s beloved volunteer coordinator Robin Glasser reading on Friday, July 8:

Uptown photographer Paul Lomax has also done an amazing job documenting some Word Up events, like at the Here and There: Travel Writings reading on Thursday, July 7, with our Tweet Master Led Black, Lola Koundakjian, Iskandar Andrews, and Veronica Liu—

and one of our early readings with Meena Alexander and Rebeca C. Rivera:

Soon we’ll post part of a video by Will Alicea (Will Teez) from the local teen performance of Dig It!

To all our documentarians and supporters: You make the place look great. Thank you!

The last planned event before the non-closing on July 14 is The Led Black Book Club, bringing together Jon Michaud (When Tito Met Clara) and Matthew Gallaway (The Metropolis Case): Wednesday, July 13, 7pm.


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