Kaboom + Fractious + WFMU + Motion Picture Purgatory


Tonight’s reading brings together a couple of Word Up’s key collaborators:

Fractious Press, a community publisher in Washington Heights, is one of the main groups responsible for initiating Word Up.

And Kaboom Press, based in Washington Heights for more than fifteen years, was co-founded by Inju Keum, who is Word Up’s event coordinator, and who also put together the mystical corner you’ve all seen at the shop:

In this corner are many rare things only available at Word Up.

Inju and Vern first met at a vendor fair on the Lower East Side in early 2009, then went on to collaborate on other fairs together at the Ding Dong Lounge at 106 Street and Columbus Ave. The poster for the May 2010 fair was created by underground cartoonist and neighbour Mike Diana, one of the featured presenters at tonight’s event.

Happily, Word Up is even closer to home. Tonight, Fractious Press readers will start off, including fiction writer Buzz Poole (whose short story collection I Like to Keep My Trouble on the Windy Side of Things was praised by Mr. Adam “Go the F*ck to Sleep” Mansbach himself); poet/tinselartist K. Abigail Walthausen (whose poetry book The Internet has a hole in every page); and poets Steve Hann (of the two snappy little booklets mentioned in the NYT blog post about Word Up) and Nikkiesha N. McLeod (whose poetry book Canceled Without Prejudice is forthcoming).

Because many have asked about it: K. Abigail Walthausen made the Word Up tinfoil painting near the front door. Here is another sample of her work, and more can be seen at http://www.LiteratureSandwich.com.

Then we’ll have readings from DJs who are also fiction writers at the freeform radio station WFMU, which broadcasts to Manhattan at 91.1 FM and at wfmu.org. Readers include Kurt Gottschalk of Inwood (host of the show Miniature Minotaurs and author of the new book Little Apples), Amanda Nazario (of the show Nazario Scenario on FMU’s Give the Drummer Radio and on Washington Heights Free Radio), and Bronwyn Carlton (of the long-running show Thunk Tank with Bronwyn and Jay).*

Next up, from the Kaboom camp, Robin Martin, winner of 2009 Tennessee Williams Fiction Writing Contest for her short story “1969,” will be reading, and Mike Diana and Carlo Quispe will be presenting URANUS #1:

URANUS #1: Within the pages of their collaborative “Gay Love Comix,” Carlo Quispe, Mike Diana, and Shane Uht let their subconscious desires and fantasies roam freely, gleefully blurring distinctions between pleasure and pain, the public and the private, the sacred and the profane. Quickly executed ink drawings, in which draftsmanship is sacrificed for rawness and spontaneity, give visual manifestation to situations rarely seen in comics of any kind: lovers arguing over their addictions and engaging in explicit sex acts involving razor blades, an “electric eel robot”, and—perhaps most shockingly—genuine and candidly expressed affection for one another. 

And finally, to close off the night, we have an addition from one of the events this past Saturday: Rick Trembles’s Motion Picture Purgatory + Short Films: Using a mix of powerpoint, spoken word, and hand-drawn biographical anecdotes, Montreal artist Rick Trembles narrates how he first got into macabre movies and comic books as a youngster influenced by the Canadian WWII comics his father published, and how Trembles merged the two in the early eighties when his movie review/comic strip Motion Picture Purgatory started running in the Montreal Mirror. The presentation details how the strips bumpy early controversial history meshes with Trembles’s own personal life and continuing censorship battles, while giving insight into his patented process of condensing pertinent plot points via creepy x-ray vision cross-sections, maniacal maze-like aerial views, and screwy schematics! Come say hi face-to-face to the cartoonist the Guardian called “a genius” & Robert Crumb declared “even more twisted & weird” than himself.

*If you are a WFMU listener, come early for snacks and refreshments provided by the station, then after the event head up the street to Reynolds (Broadway/180 St.) to continue the good times!


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