Tonight, and the rest of June

Tonight we had a reading with internationally acclaimed poet and neighbour Meena Alexander, as well as emerging poet and NoMAA’s own Rebeca C. Rivera. They both read geographically appropriate poems, words rooted in being in our neighbourhood, jottings on NYC mass transit. You wouldn’t necessarily know that these were the paper results of bustling and settling here in the Heights, but it seemed just right that these poets revealed these secrets of geography in a bookshop that is a quick walk from where they live or work. Meena exclaimed in between poems that she could see all the people moving up and down Broadway while she was reading. 

Rebeca’s City Doodles chapbook is available at the shop, and  Meena’s books are for the moment on display—we hope to get copies in soon so you can take some home yourself.

———–> What’s coming up?

FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 7–8pm: We’ll Never Have Paris reading with Andria Alefhi, Gus Iversen, Ed Lin, Cynthia Ball, and Josh Medsker. WNHP is an NYC-based nonfiction literary zine for all things that were never meant to be.

SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 12:30pm: Children’s story time with Mino Lora, artistic director of Washington Heights–based People’s Theatre Project. Bilingual program. 1pm: Reading by Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, and a one-woman show of poetry+web comics with Rebecca Migdal, who is a graphic novelist and an interdisciplinary artist, performer, and writer working in new and traditional media. Rebecca’s work has recently been seen at Exit Art in New York City, and on the cover of World War 3 Illustrated magazine. Her adult comic Ear Fetish is featured in the upcoming edition of Last Gasp’s Best Erotic Comics 3 anthology, Sweet Meat, Strange Spice, along with Robert Crumb, Alison Bechdel, and a host of others.

SUNDAY, JUNE 2612–4pm: Comic book classes led by members of the World War 3 Illustrated collective, including WW3 co-founder Seth Tobocman and fellow WW3 radical comics artists Ethan Heitner and Sandy Jimenez of Inwood.

MONDAY, JUNE 27: Washington Heights Free Radio/ presents an evening of improvised music. 7pm—Ball Governor: A 7-years-and-running free jazz ensemble exploring time and non-time, bound by melody. Russell Baker (trumpet) is a robotics engineer, jazz historian and longtime WKCR DJ; Heights resident Will Glass (drums) has plays in a range of styles, with artists like Dirty Projectors, Shalabi Effect, Nat Baldwin, Baba Ola Jagun’s Ancestral Rhythms and many more. 7:30pm—$50 Trumpet: $50 Trumpet is an open-minded and far-ranging experimental ensemble conjoining traditional modal improvising and textural exploration. Marc Gaetani’s “Springolin” is a mandolin strung with springs. He and Brett Zweiman (guitar) have long helmed an inclusive free-form entity called Clutter, which has hosted an array of events where the audience is invited to join in the performance on pots, pans, drums, shakers, doohickeys or whatever they like, often erasing the line between performers and audience. With Ken Bradburd on electronics. 8pm—Open Jam: The evening concludes with—you! Bring your instrument, or play with what we have on hand. Electrical outlets are limited, so unamplified instruments are best, percussion of all kinds encouraged. All/no skill levels welcome.


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  1. I added Word Up as a venue on Library Thing. You may want to edit what I put up and make it more complete. You especially might want to add some events! There are a lot of cool things posted on your site. Best of luck!

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