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Monthly Saturday Night Jazz starting this Saturday


Word Up presents a new monthly concert series to feature the Washington Heights jazz community. This event is an opportunity for an appreciative audience and local musicians to connect in an intimate setting.

Musicians are welcome to join the stage after a set by the house band, the Ruben Steijn Trio. Ruben Steijn is an aspiring voice in the New York jazz scene, an enthusiastic educator and a graduate from the Manhattan School of Music.
Andrew Shilito (Guitar)
Sharik Hasan (Organ)
Brian Krock (Alto Saxophone)

Thursday: An Unmade Film, An Unmade Revolution


Our next Face Out—Thursday, September 18, 7pm—features one of our own! Volunteer Elizabeth Castelli, whose recent translation of a script of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s never-produced film, Saint Paul, just came out this summer on Verso Books, will be in conversation with Nathan Schneider, author of Thank You, Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse, about the intersections of religion and radical politics in the work of Pasolini and the Occupy movement.

The evening will feature a screening of Pasolini’s short film, “La Ricotta.”

Today – Town Hall Meeting To End Police Brutality


September 6, 2014 is a nationwide call to action to address police brutality against our local communities. We have organized a Town Hall meeting to address these issues. We have several panels with members of the SEEP Collective and the Collective of Trans Women of Color of Greater New York City to discuss education and legislation as well as voter awareness for the upcoming elections.

Manhattan Times: Emmanuel Abreu Returns


Emmanuel Abreu, one of our long time volunteers, recently had a residency in Mexico and was interviewed by Sherry Mazzochi for the Manhattan Times newspaper. Word Up got some great mentions in it. Check out the article here. 


“Ask Emmanuel “DJ Boy” Abreu why he spends much of his free time volunteering at the Word Up Community Book Shop, he will likely offer a deprecating answer.

“It’s a great place to meet women” was one recent response.

But the truth is more complex.

One recent afternoon, the store was closed but Abreu and another long-time volunteer Gio Andollo, were hard at work moving books, dismantling shelves and inventorying thousands of books.

Abreu has been with the little bookstore that could since its earliest days—photographing the first crates of books with his camera. The store is not just a meeting place for artists, writers and other creative types, it is also a source of inspiration, a gallery and performance space as well as a safe haven from the creeping juggernaut of gentrification.

Gentrification is a topic that always comes up among the volunteers.”

Click to read full article. 


We Are Back Open Tomorrow!


Check out our new price tags! We are so excited to finally use our new POS (point of sale) system that we are opening a day earlier than planned! We will be opening tomorrow at our regular Saturday schedule, 12pm! Come on down and check out our new lower prices on almost all used books!

Green tags = $1, Pink tags = $.50

The Manhattan Times: Sandy Jimenez on comics

sandySandy Jimenez is not only one our volunteers, but he is also an incredible artist (among other things) and he was recently interviewed by SherryMazzocchi for the Manhattan Times.

“In the 1970’s, zombies and vampires sucked the lifeblood out of the Bronx. Marley Davidson, the Bronx Exorcist, cruised the burned out streets in a large white limousine, looking for vengeance.

Marley Davidson, Bronx Exorcist is the creation of Sandy Jiménez, an Inwood-based graphic artist, writer and director. On August 29, Jiménez will talk about Marley’s complex world at Word Up Community Bookshop at 6 p.m.

Davidson started off as a character in Vladek, Vampire Detective, another series by Jiménez. But the character took on a life of his own and demanded his own series.

The character has traditional superhero origins. His parents were killed by villains.

But he’s not a hero.”

Check out the full video and article here, and remember to come down to his live reading happening August 29th at 6pm here at Word Up!



Summer recess: August 7 to 23

2014-08-05 18.03.46

Word Up will be taking a summer recess from August 7 to August 23. For the past year, Word Up volunteers have kept the books, events, and conversation flowing nearly every day. It’s a lot of work! We’ll be taking this break to rejuvenate, and also to implement a computerized point-of-sale inventory system! Those of you who have visited our store know that we have kept things pretty lo-fi all these years. With this new development, we hope to be able to serve our neighbors more efficiently.