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THIS IS IT! Today is the last day of our Indiegogo campaign, which we launched to raise money to bring back Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria to a physical storefront in Washington Heights. We’ve gone on a great journey with you here on the Internet—reading and writing . . . making and sharing videos . . . walking the wagon . . . dancing. But, what we really want to do is sit down with you in a space all our own—yours, mine, ours—’round the corner from where we both live, and share our past, present, and future, with books as the gravitational pull but hardly stopping there. Please join the Word Up story on this last day of our Indiegogo campaign. With the end of this campaign, we start anew.

2 days left to claim your perks!

With 2 days left to go in our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, we thought we’d remind you of some of the perks you can claim in exchange for your contribution. Donations made by the end of tonight (11:59 p.m. on December 31) are tax-deductible for 2012. We’ve come so far with this campaign, thanks to the hundreds of you who have helped us out. To the rest: please help us hit our target and then some, and we will celebrate together in a new space soon!


Book Love


We’ve got book love. We’ve got bookshop love. And we have 4 days left of our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to bring back our beloved bookshop filled with books! We’re steadily making our way to our goal of $60,000. Your contribution is tax-deductible and will go toward reviving a space that is cherished by so many of us.

Word Up isn’t the only book-loving space we cherish—you can check out other great uptown lit hangouts in our BOOK LOVE video—then please contribute by January 1 to add Word Up to the mix!

“Word Up: a tale of murals, multilingualism, and just plain wonderful community organizing”

Melville House’s excellent blog featured our Indiegogo campaign! Read the recent article here, and see a previous Word Up–Melville House interview from a year ago here.


Word Up’s crowdfunding campaign in USA Today


Store support: Junot Diaz has taken to YouTube to rally support for a community bookstore in Washington Heights, N.Y. Read USA TODAY‘s 3 1/ star review of Diaz’s latest work of fiction, This Is How You Lose Her.”

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